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Dr. George Ring

What our patients have to say:

“My headaches went from bad to better to none at all.”
-Lori Wingo

“I’m feeling at least 98% better since I’ve been coming here. My back pains are not as bad and I very seldom have the headaches I used to have.”
-Brenda Shannon

“Since treatment, my lower back pain is gone, also stiffness is gone.”
-Sam McCaskill

“I had severe headaches. I couldn’t sleep at night. My neck was unmovable. I took Tylenol for my pain but they didn’t really help. Since treatment, I feel much better. All of my problems are gone.”
-Catherine Crowder

“I had headaches and lower back pain. I took goodie powers, pain pills and Bengay but they only helped for short period of time and the pain came back. Since having treatment, it has been great. It has helped my headaches a lot and cured my lower back pains.”
-Andel Bat

“After my first treatment, I knew I had found a solution.”

My name is Chris Wallace and I am one of Dr. George Ring’s patients at Monroe Chiropractic. I am a Baptist minister and a part-time student at Wingate University, therefore my schedule is hectic at best, as is that of most other people However, when injury occurs, it seems as though the whole world comes to a crashing halt and that is exactly what happened to me.

Last October, my father and I decided to move upright a piano without equipment or other people. On the last “heave-ho” coming through my front door, something besides the piano came to an abrupt stop. My right hip and lower back gave a loud “pop.” At the time, the injury seemed inconsequential and though a little stiff the next day, I didn’t give it another thought –until about a week later.

A dull, aching pain that began in my right hip slowly intensified over the next three weeks. It got to the point that whether I was sitting, standing or lying down, I was in agony.

After three days of nearly unbearable pain, I called Monroe Chiropractic after discovering they were a member of my insurance network—the first time I had ever encountered insurance coverage for chiropractic care. They gave me an appointment for the next morning.

After the first treatment, I knew I had found a solution to my problem. I didn’t have to wait three hours to see Dr. George like at my regular doctor; the service was quick, on time and extremely effective after several visits, I felt almost normal again; after a few more visits, I felt better than I had in years.

Chronic numbness in my left thigh improved greatly; nagging lower back pain cleared up. Dr. George even fixed my headaches one morning by adjusting my neck after a bad night’s rest. And this may seem the strangest of all – my sense of smell even improved!

I am a firm supported of chiropractic care and would urge anyone, even “healthy” persons, to get an evaluation for subluxations today. Health truly does begin from within, and the wonderful people of Monroe Chiropractic helped me up from a very low place and set me on a new course. Thanks Dr. George and staff.

-Rev. J. Chris Wallace/Peachland, NC

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  • "Dr. Ring has allowed me to be headache free for quite some time now. I used to have daily nagging headaches that often would turn into a migraine leaving me unable to function. For the longest time, I thought I could just keep taking medication to have the pain subside."


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